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local temp

room temperature
and actual outside temperatures and weather icons of nearby.places
data extracted from buienradar xml feed with php script

 localhost to see temperature in livingroom 
creditcard computer Raspberry pi 3b+ 
dallas ds18b20 temperature sensor 
connect the DS18B20 to your Raspberry Pi 
and display the temperature readings

temperature in livingroom
webpage refreshes every x seconds

old android phone on the wall wich displays this data (android raspberry thermostat)

my desktop pc and webserver -> raspberry pi 3b+ linux creditcard size computer
i like the low power consumption of the raspberry pi 3 to 5 watts thats only 4 euro for a year continu running

Zo dan, kan Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin zien of Dijkman in de kou zit als ie de gaskraan dicht draait ;-)