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Many people in Holland were using a Wincharger and several other home-made generators to make electricity for their homes during the German occupation of Holland during World War II. This little booklet from 1941 (in Dutch) describes the Wincharger and several home built installations and building plans for the propeller. Submitted by: Gerlof Langerijs Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

A Few Wincharger Facts.......

  • During the 1930's and 40's, hundreds of thousands of wind generators were in use in rural America
  • 20+ companies manufactured wind generators during the era
  • John and Gerhard Albers developed a 6V wind charger in 1927 under the name Alber's Propeller Co.  In 1934, they formed the Wincharger Corporation.
  • Wincharger:
  • produced nearly 75% of the estimated 1 million wind generators made before 1950
  • holds record for production volume and longest continuously produced wind generator, 1927-1982 (55 years)
  • made dozens of models including 2, 6, 12, 24, 32 and 110V, 100W to 2500W
  • used wooden propeller blades made from Douglas Fir. Aluminum was used later on the four blade, 1500W model
  • manufactured its own towers, batteries and some appliances

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