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Raspberry Pi Domoticz

Raspberri Pi
is the name of a creditcard sized computer with low power consumption 3watt=5.50 Euro a year (3x24x365/1000)x0.21cent/kw
operating system mostly Linux   (like your android phone)
xwindows graphic user interface
has an GPIO connector for adding inputs an outputs for controlling things

Domoticz is a very light weight But Verry PowerFull home automation system 
That lets you Configure, Control and Monitor miscellaneous devices, 
including lights, switches, various sensors/meters like temperature, rainfall, wind, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, 
electricity usage/production,gas consumption
        Import data from other devices, websites, wheater services XML JSON, Etcetera
Control, Monitor anything you can think off in and arround your house
Like a thermostat with more features then a NEST thermostat fully Customizable to your satisfaction
Notifications/alerts can be sent to any mobile device.

view / control / monitor via a html webpage webbrowser
        possible to create good looking multipage/room floorplans 
                   nice to put an old tablet or phone on the wall for user view and control
Best of all, Domoticz is open source and completely free!

if you are a windows user and new to Linux, it can be hard in the begin
you will need some time
you must like to puzzle with all the programming languages this world has produced 

Dutch smart grid meter measurement device for electra and gas

Smart Meter Domoticz Starter Kit met Raspberry Pi 3B
Are you curious in your energy use? 
do you have a smart grid meter? 
Then this is something for the dutch.

12-4-2018 i got a smart grid meter 
and i whas curious 
so bought a raspberry pi with domoticz

dit registreren met domoticz toonde ook direct dat ik een gaslek heb bij fornuis lekt 1 liter gas per uur
dit is binnen de normen dus geen probleem 
maar je ruikt het wel bij fornuis

Nuon ContiNuon Alliander Liander Liandon Landis+Gyr zo ziet een echte slimme meter eruit
Raspberry pi 3B creditcard size computer op de slimme meter
Laag energieverbruik 3-5Watt

Nuon ContiNuon Alliander Liander Liandon Landis+Gyr zo ziet een echte slimme meter eruit
Raspberry pi 3B creditcard size computer op de slimme meter
Laag energieverbruik 3-5Watt

U can do Unbelieveble Much with domoticz
   scripts an commands can be given in almost all the programming languages this world has produced
    all colors likes and sizes

I did not do somuch yet, still learning how everything works
Hee, blinds control in domoticz  on timed sunset sunrise handy for fox proof chicken door control ;-)
now up to the scrapyard for a window motor or windowwiper motor
      Hee come on im DUTCH
Rapsberry Pi Domoticz Fox Proof Chicken Door 

Central Heating freezes when im heating with woodstove
       pump on when outside temperature < -5 
       flowing water doesnt get into ice that quick


optisch gescheiden 8 relais printje = 5 euro, kan toch niet? 
        2x ds18b20 digitale waterproof temperatuur sensor = 2x2.25=4.50 euro
WHY do THEY, Not make temperature sensors with 0.05 or 0.01 resolution
The 0.0625 resolution, Hurts my Brain, over and over Again 
OK, there are ic's that could please my brain with 0.001 resolution LTC2983I 
also raspberry code for LTC2983 on github
40pin gpio flatcable = 1.75 euro
gpio module = 8 euro
  bijna gratis
Ken die zaak niet maar was zo goedkoop, proberen waard
 veel goedkoper als nederlandse web tech shops
8 euro => dit printje leek me wel handig beter als geklooi op gpio op raspberry print
Het kan nog gekker, goedkoper AliExpress 2.94 euro

HAHAHA, is it cheap because the left top connector is broken
how stupid to put a sell photo like this on webshop

hdmi zulke schermen had ik niet , een ouwe lul, bij de action een lekker goedkoop hdmi/svga/sound stekker ding gekochtlater nog voor even ruim een euro een usb soundstick gekocht zit ook een mic ingang op leuk voor google home raspberryalleen de mic die ik had deed het niet met usb stick,uren gezocht, een hoofdtelefoon als mic gebruikt. dat werkte ook

need more io on your pi i2c io port expanders can give you a lot of io for low price
microchip has nice ic's mcp23017 16 IorO x 8 on s bus 128 i or o

On aliexpres i2c I/O expander pcb starting at LESS then 1 dollar (0.88 dollarcents)
ethernet enternet i/o relay cards? 30 euro 8in 8relayout

 rj45 webrelais

i like this no hobbybob with gpio prints and wires and relayprints
but this is half the price

domoticz login from url http link
made a guest login

actual outside temperature Berkout NL is data from
stavoren ook erbij gezet
beetje buienradar xml en ook json data storing elke nacht van 00:00 tot 00:15 
0 graden = geen data => ook lekker stabiel => stavoren ene dag array37 dan zomaar array36
30-10-2018 1:00
nou is het weer dit is 36 Meetstation Stavenisse
lekker hoor die buienradar json dit is 37 Meetstation Stavoren

Looks like a login from url in iframe does not work in all browsers 
Chrome = ?
Chromium = no
 Firefox ESR = yes
M$ ie or edge = ?

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