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ITEAD IoT Sonoff

Wow!!! 5 dollar wifi switches

The Internet Of Things
smarthome control with an app
verry nice

5 dollar wifi switches

nice cheap wifi wireless devices
much value for money
but seems only to work with an app

i would like to control them from pc / raspberry
     NONO NOTH with an android emulator

is that that dificult 
and maybe some security
but not needed for local ip i would say

i think
i do not like the cloud based system off sonoff
i would not rely on IT
        rely on a huge cloud server in china 5000 miles away to switch your light

i think
BIG Advantage off my cheap 433mhz wall sockets is
  i have a manual remotes and local raspberry domoticz with 433mhz transmitter wich can timed control it
  i always can grab a manul easy to operate remote  key fob what the f*ck is FOB = Frequensy Operated Button
    do you always want to switch your lights by the phone
   what if your drunk,  lost your glasses and can not read the phone screen
  phone battery empty, phone boot fault, toilet dump, dishwashing laundry machine lost stolen
 how to explain your blind date, one night stand how to turn the lights on
What if your girlfriend cq wife is blond

i do some of my lights on by domoticz sunrise and sunset times and real times
    for a week now
    with old and new cheap wireless 433mhz wall sockets
    and a 0.25 dollar 433mhz sender
and i must say thats verry handy

Even when im not at home it looks like im home
  1 to 1.5 watt 230Vac LED so they consume verry little energy
  But todays LED lights give quite a lot light in warmwhite color 

See my Domoticz server. The internet of my things

did not see sunset sunrise switch settings in the itead app screenshots sonoff wifi 
  this one has timers inside the switch
  but see no sunrise sunset controlled timer
  on time switching is for outdoor cq indoor lights not usefull 
      every day is 2 minutes different then the other day

garden watering depends on sunligthstrength suntime humidity temperature wind and more?
  not just only on time switching 

it is possible to fool the sonoff software to make it local network switch, without opening / soldering / flashing

it is possible to solder 4 pins to the sonoff pcb and blow a new flash into it
to make it a local network switch

but still miss the big advantage of manual remote 
   have not seen it YET

it has a manual button on the not supposed to be in user area package
  so not usefull button when its hidden
  no screw terminals for optional remote button in user area

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