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Het beste idee van Nederland

Even dacht ik dat ik Het beste idee van Nederland 2016 had,
Maar het bestond al
toggle light bulb

energy saving lamp 2.0X 
twinbulb 1watt/10watt twinlightTwo Twin dual duplex shade lightbulb dim with normal single light on/off switch
made using 2 lightbuls in one giant lightbulb
toggle between high and low light by turning the switch on off on

1watt led and 10wat led 230vac a timer relais and one puls / bistable / latching relais for 1wat 10 wat switching 
pitty my invention? already exist lightbulb stepswitching with normal lightswitch DORS DimOnRapidSwitch say dim on doubleclickswitchand megaman 4 step switching/dimming

nanoleaf bloom programmable on fade by rapid switch
Want to dim your lights but don’t have a dimmer switch installed? Too bad! Until now. 
The Nanoleaf Bloom is here to solve that problem by making dimming possible in regular non-dimming fixtures. 
With our patented Nanoleaf technology, we enable dimming through any on/off light switch. 
Now you can set the perfect mood for all of life’s moments, even without dimmers.  It’s a very witty idea… that just happens to be decidedly dim.
Excellence Spiral with Internal Dimming System 20W E27 Warm White
Product information
Suitable for use with every standard light switch.
Each light intensity can easily be set from 2 to 100%.

Long lifetime of ± 16 000 hours.

why is this technique not widely availeble at a reasonable price
working light and walktrough light
its a verry good ideamost practical is o2micro 2 step switching in my opinion

zo'n duplo lamp zou toch gewoon bij de action moeten liggen
en zon flikkerende pl9 plafondlamp van ikea is toch ook niet meer van deze tijd
die ikea plafond lamp zou toch pas af zijn met een duo lamp

niet het beste idee van nederland dus

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